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Betify Daily Missions: Are you up to the challenge?

Published by Mick Akers  September 8, 2023 Last modified on September 8, 2023

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The Betify team's primary goal is to delight its users! Since our launch in 2023, we've implemented daily missions. As you'll discover in our practical guide, these missions can help you boost your capital without even realizing it.

What are Betify missions?

This promotion lasts indefinitely on Betify Casino and rewards our users daily. By visiting the "Daily Mission" section from the homepage, you can participate in various challenges. By playing as usual and being an active user of our platform, you can unlock numerous prizes in Bytes Points through these missions. Naturally, the further you progress in the adventure, the more challenging and rewarding the missions become!

Participating in Betify missions

Do you want to start earning Bytes Points that you can exchange in our shop? You can participate in our various daily missions. The Betify team explains step by step how to get started on this adventure.

  • 1️⃣ Register on the official Betify website;
  • 2️⃣ Click on the "Daily Missions" tab;
  • 3️⃣ Check the list of missions for the day;
  • 4️⃣ Click the "Start" button on the mission that interests you;
  • 5️⃣ Complete the challenge and earn the associated Bytes Points.

We invite you to carefully read the details of each challenge in the Betify Missions list to avoid any mistakes! Rest assured, you still have the option to abandon a mission if you find it too difficult. But in the beginning, you'll find that they are very accessible and easy to accomplish.

The first Betify missions

When you open a player account on Betify Casino, you can enjoy some relatively simple initial challenges to earn your first exchangeable Bytes Points. We now want to share with you the list of the main challenges that await you after opening your account!

  • 🎯 Wager 5 €/$ on Dice Twice: 100 Points Bytes
  • 🎯 Complete 80 consecutive spins on Big Bass: 100 Points Bytes
  • 🎯 Achieve x1100 on Floating Dragon: 5,000 Points Bytes
  • 🎯 Place 40 €/$ on Sweet Bonanza Xmas: 1,000 Points Bytes
  • 🎯 Complete all daily missions: 2,500 Points Bytes

Of course, each stage of your adventure has its own conditions. You need to check directly in our "Daily Mission Betify" tab for the minimum wager to place, the maximum gain to achieve, or the selected games for each challenge. Be careful, not following the rules will prevent you from completing the mission! A Grand Reward is planned if you successfully complete the day's challenges.

Visit the Betify shop after your mission!

As you've understood, at every level in our Betify "Daily Mission," you earn Bytes Points. Every day, you have the opportunity to win up to more than 10,000 Bytes. These can be exchanged directly in our "Prize Shop" tab.

🎁 The prizes available in the shop:

  • Cash: from 1 €/$ to 100 €/$ in cash
  • Free Spins: from 10 to 160 Free Spins on various games
  • Exclusive Items: signed gloves or exclusive t-shirts from our ambassador Floyd Mayweather

For a clearer idea, if you manage to win 7,500 Bytes Points through a Betify mission, you can claim 50 €/$ in cash from our shop. However, we still advise you to play responsibly and maintain your usual pace. Don't push your luck on Betify!


Mick Akers - Marketing Manager for North American at Betify

Last modified on : September 8, 2023

Mick Akers is at the helm of our marketing across the entire North American territory. Passionate about gambling for 25 years, Mick has collaborated with the most influential groups in the Igaming universe. A true pillar of Betify, he aims to conquer the world and promote the brand among the world's top influencers. The alliance between Mick and Betify is synonymous with success.

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