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Aviator Betify : Soar to new heights!

Published by Mick Akers  September 15, 2023 Last modified on September 15, 2023

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The Betify team couldn't resist adding Spribe's casino mini-games, especially the game of Aviator crash, to our collection! From our site, you can play right now to try to win up to 10,000 €/$ on a single takeoff. Here's all the information before you take flight.

Aviator on the Betify online casino
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What is Aviator Casino?

Our partner Spribe launched Aviator in September 2020. This title literally revolutionized the gaming world with innovative gameplay that offered new possibilities to users. This crash mini-game is very simple: you place a bet, the plane takes off, a multiplier increases as it ascends, and your goal is to exit the game before it crashes. The iconic red plane of Aviator became a global success and started the Crash trend.

During the development of Betify, we decided to include a "Crash Games" category in our catalog, and we also reached out to the publisher Spribe. The good news is that you can now try to play Aviator directly from our platform! Above all, don't be too greedy and learn when to cash out when the winnings are sufficient.

Play Aviator for free 🔥

Play Aviator on Betify

Do you want to start playing Aviator on our Betify online casino? That's a great idea. Let us walk you through all the steps to take your first flight.

Registration at Betify Casino

To play Aviator Betify in real mode, you are, of course, required to go through the registration process on our site. Rest assured, we have designed simple and quick steps to save you time. Follow our team's advice!

🤓 Opening a Betify account:

  • Visit our homepage at betify.com;
  • Log in with Google or Twitch, or fill out the form;
  • Make your first deposit;
  • 🎁 Get up to 1,000 €/$ in bonuses.

Our developers and teams have ensured that you can sign up in less than 2 minutes. This initial step to play Aviator on Betify is just a minor detail! Don't forget to activate email notifications for promotions to never miss an opportunity to boost your balance.

Launch Aviator Betify game

The next step is simply to find the Aviator Betify game in our lobby. We are confident that the excellent sorting done by our teams will make it very easy for you to locate Spribe's creation.

✈️ Launch Aviator:

  • Click on the "Crash Games" tab;
  • Find the Aviator game in the list;
  • ✅ Click on the green "Play" button.

With a single click, Spribe's software launches, and the game can begin! If you want to quickly find your Aviator game on Betify, you can add it to your favorites by simply clicking on the heart icon. The search bar integrated into our platform can also help you navigate easily.

Configure your game

You are now on the Aviator Betify game! As you can see, this multiplayer game is in motion 24/7, and sessions continue whether you participate or not. Take the time to configure your game before joining the next round. The Betify team wants to explain all the possible and important configurations on Aviator to you.

💥 Prepare your session:

  • Establish your strategy on Aviator;
  • Place a bet (or two) between 0.10 €/$ and 100 €/$;
  • Configure the automatic mode (optional);
  • Configure automatic cashout (optional);
  • ✅ Click on the "Bet" button.

As you understand, the Aviator crash game allows users to place a double bet on each session. This means you can actually wager up to 200 €/$ on each takeoff! Once you have clicked "Bet," the amount you have indicated is committed to the next round. The "Cancel" button can allow you to go back (as long as the game has not started).

Launching the plane

In less than 10 seconds after the last crash, the next round of Aviator takes place! This is when you truly enter the game on Betify. Clearly, the red plane takes off and gains altitude. A multiplier coefficient is displayed in real-time and increases as the flight progresses. Several things can happen!

Possible scenarios:

  • ➡️ Cashout: Click the orange button manually and instantly cash in the displayed winnings. You exit the game as a winner;
  • ➡️ Automatic Cashout: You have set a target multiplier, and it has been reached. An automatic cashout is credited to your Betify account. You exit the game as a winner;
  • ➡️ Crash: You did not cash out in time, and the plane crashes. If you were still in the game, you lose your entire bet.

As you can see, you certainly have the chance to lose on Aviator. Even though the multiplier can go up to x10,000, we have seen it stop at x1.01! This means you will need to be very quick in some rounds. However, if you withdraw your money in time, Betify instantly credits it to your player account!

Try Aviator in demo mode on Betify

We give you the chance to develop strategies and understand how Aviator works before playing for real! For this reason, our teams have integrated a 100% free mode for the platform's mini-games. All you have to do is hover over the Aviator game on Betify and click the "Demo" button to launch the software without having to pay (or sign up). A virtual balance is then assigned to you to play as much as you like.

The Betify team highly recommends starting with Aviator's free mode before diving into real gameplay. This can allow you to test various techniques and get a feel for the gameplay. In the free version of the game, you participate in the same takeoffs as other players. The only difference: you're not risking your money, and the winnings are not real.

All the features of Aviator on Betify

You're probably wondering how much you can win on Aviator from your Betify account, right? Our teams want to share all the data about this game from our partner Spribe. Read carefully before embarking on the mini crash game adventure.

📈 Important Aviator Data:

Maximum Multiplierx10,000
Maximum Win10,000 €/$

Spribe, the developer, offers our users the chance to win with some impressive multipliers in their game, Aviator! With just a 1 €/$ bet, you have the opportunity to chase a 10,000 €/$ jackpot. Of course, this is very rare, and you shouldn't get too greedy. However, with a favorable return rate, you can hope to walk away with winnings on Aviator at Betify!


Mick Akers - Marketing Manager for North American at Betify

Last modified on : September 15, 2023

Mick Akers is at the helm of our marketing across the entire North American territory. Passionate about gambling for 25 years, Mick has collaborated with the most influential groups in the Igaming universe. A true pillar of Betify, he aims to conquer the world and promote the brand among the world's top influencers. The alliance between Mick and Betify is synonymous with success.

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