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Affiliation Betify : Become a partner like Floyd Mayweather !

Published by Mick Akers Β September 16, 2023 – Last modified on September 16, 2023

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Currently, many Betify players want to switch sides and have the chance to become a casino affiliate. We offer the opportunity for all users to join our Betify affiliate program to earn additional income. Invite your friends and boost your capital!

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Why choose Betify affiliation?

Many of our users don't truly realize the potential of Betify affiliation. We want to reveal some advantages you have by joining our platform rather than another!

The advantages of Betify affiliation:

  • 🟒 Fast Payments: Before the 10th of each month, you receive the affiliation earnings from the previous month. Money is always credited on time;
  • 🟒 Personal Manager: We have a dedicated team entirely for our affiliates. They track your progress, advise you, and help you negotiate contracts;
  • 🟒 Relationship: Betify's teams don't just want to build a remote affiliate program but also build long-term relationships with affiliates;
  • 🟒 Retention: Our platform has been developed to maximize user retention. Promotions, payments, games, tournaments, everything is designed to keep your future sign-ups as long as possible;
  • 🟒 Advanced Platform: We provide you with the "MyAffiliate" interface to manage all your affiliates and links. You can access precise statistics and improve based on that.
Betify Review 2023 - Our teams tested it for you!EARN MONEYJoin: The AFFILIATE program Become a Partner Bonus icon

With very generous affiliation contracts, we are pleased to announce that Betify is currently one of the best opportunities to get into affiliate marketing. We launched our casino in 2023, and many players are not yet registered. You have the opportunity to invite more than just your friends!

The procedure to become a Betify affiliate

We want to unveil right now all the necessary steps to start affiliation on our Betify Casino. As you will see, nothing too complicated! Rewards are waiting for you.

Step 1: Learn everything about Betify Casino

As you know, our best ambassadors know absolutely everything about how we operate! They are interested in all parts of our interface and guide users to the best of their abilities for their new adventure. You must do the same if you hope to be on par with Champ' Floyd Mayweather.

πŸš€ The key information to know:

  • 🎁 Promotions: The bonuses offered by Betify are of interest to your community! Check our dedicated section to know the 100% up to 500 €/$ welcome bonus, our Prize Shop, our VIP Club, and all our regular offers;
  • 🎰 Collection: Give particular importance to our range if you want to attract the right people to Betify! With over 6,000 titles available on our platform, you need to know the publishers and categories we offer;
  • ⚽ Universe: Betify can attract not only online casino players but also sports betting and Esport fans. Be open to our other available spaces to expand your audience and target;
  • πŸ’³ Payments: Naturally, no one can sign up for Betify without the ability to deposit and withdraw using suitable options. Our site allows the use of cryptocurrencies and many traditional methods for playing! You need to be informed about this.

In order to have a chance to gain the trust of your future community, you must not lie under any circumstances. Your goal is to promote Betify in the right way, being 100% transparent about all of our services. The more you know, the better! Inform yourself about the security of our site, our customer support, and our entire interface.

Step 2: Build your community

If you want a chance to attract people to Betify, you obviously need to find a way to build a community. This step is the most complicated but also the most exciting! Let your ideas and imaginations run to find the ideal communication format to promote Betify.

Some ideas:

  • πŸ’» SEO: You have the opportunity to create a website or blog entirely dedicated to Betify Casino. By attracting natural traffic from Google, you can obviously find new players and earn commissions;
  • ▢️ Youtube: Even though the video platform can be quite limited in the online casino industry, a few strategies can help you build your first community around Betify;
  • πŸ“± Telegram: Install the app and create a Telegram channel that talks about Betify Casino. By regularly adding content, updates, and opportunities, your community can use your affiliate links to sign up;
  • πŸŽ₯ Kick: This new streaming platform offers excellent opportunities for the most daring. Play on Betify live from and start interacting with your viewers. Gradually, your community can grow!

Of course, there are many possibilities. Some are more comfortable on Tiktok, others on Instagram or Facebook. Whatever your format, you need to find a way to bring together players who love online casinos and are eager to discover the benefits of Betify Casino!

Step 3: Join our affiliate program

Now that you are ready to represent us to the world, we invite you to let us know and contact our teams! Rest assured, we have put in place a clear and precise process that allows everyone to obtain a personalized contract as a Betify affiliate. Read these few lines carefully.

➑️ Become a Betify affiliate:

  • Go to our homepage;
  • Click on the "Affiliates" tab at the bottom of the page;
  • Click on "Affiliate Registration";
  • Provide your name, first name, traffic source, and email address;
  • πŸ’¬ Wait for a response from the Betify teams.
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We carefully analyze all affiliation requests we receive. Whether you have a source of SEO, Social, Streaming, PPC traffic, or any other, we don't leave any request unanswered. In just a few days, you'll receive an email or a call from one of our representatives to discuss a contract and commission compensation.

What are Betify's affiliation contracts

We have established various types of compensation to adapt to each profile and traffic source. By being in direct contact with your Betify affiliate manager, you can start negotiating your deal. Naturally, the more traffic you bring in, the better your chances of securing the best deal!

🌟 Become an official affiliate partner at Betify – Our Eligibility Criteria 🌟

Are you ready to level up in the online betting industry? Join our dynamic affiliate program and start enjoying exclusive benefits. Here's what you need to be eligible:

πŸ” For SEO Experts:

  • Generate a minimum of 5,000 visits to your website each month.

πŸŽ₯ For Streamers:

  • Attract at least 400 live viewers during each streaming session.

πŸ“Š For Tipsters:

  • Obtain a minimum of 4,000 views per post or message.

🎯 General Requirement:

  • We expect a minimum of 20 First-Time Depositors (FTDs) each month to maintain a successful collaboration with our affiliate partners.

If you meet these criteria, we would be delighted to welcome you to our affiliateΒ  network. Join us and be a part of our mutual success!

Betify Review 2023 - Our Teams Have Tested It for You!EARN MONEYJoin: The AFFILIATE Program Become a Partner Bonus Icon

Our affiliation contracts:

  • πŸ“ Rev Share: You have the opportunity to earn a certain percentage of the losses incurred by players who sign up through your referral. For example, top affiliates can expect up to 40% RS.

πŸ” Example: An affiliate has a 30% Rev Share contract. A player who signed up through their link lost 100 €/$ this month. So, the affiliate will receive 30 €/$.

  • πŸ“ CPA: This "Cost Per Acquisition" deal allows you to earn a fixed amount for each new user's registration through your referral. For instance, some affiliates can earn over 50 €/$ per registration.

πŸ” Example: Your manager offers you 20 €/$ per registration. This month, you managed to bring in 20 new players to Betify. This allows you to earn 400 €/$.

  • πŸ“ Hybrid: This model is also available on our platform! We can arrange a hybrid deal, allowing you to earn both Rev Share and CPA at the same time. For instance, you could get 35% RS + 50 €/$ per registration.

πŸ” Example: You negotiated 30% RS + 40 €/$ per registration. A player signed up through your link and lost €/$50 on our site. So, you'll earn 40 €/$ + 15 €/$ = 55 €/$.

  • πŸ“ Streamers: Specific and flexible contracts can be established for Betify streamers. You can receive money to play, fixed fees, and we can discuss together to help you achieve your ambitions.

πŸ” Example: Betify credits you with over 5,000 €/$ in bonus money to play in front of your community. At the same time, you receive fixed fees each month for the time spent talking about us.

Our model simply aims to promote the growth of Betify and our affiliates. We are confident that by redistributing as much as possible to our partners, they can grow faster and promote our online casino in the best possible way. So, what's your dream deal with Betify affiliation ?


Mick Akers - Marketing Manager for North American at Betify

Last modified on : September 16, 2023

Mick Akers is at the helm of our marketing across the entire North American territory. Passionate about gambling for 25 years, Mick has collaborated with the most influential groups in the Igaming universe. A true pillar of Betify, he aims to conquer the world and promote the brand among the world's top influencers. The alliance between Mick and Betify is synonymous with success.

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